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Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer

14 Apr 2022

Pressure washing will help you clean your driveway, sidewalk, home, car, patio, windows, even your BBQ grill (disconnect your propane tank first).  What can a pressure washer clean?  Just about everything!  Pressure Washing will help keep away weeds and bugs, will save you time, money and is simple to operate.  If you have never used one, you’re missing out.  I find it to be one of the most satisfying chores.  It also makes cleaning up and revitalizing your property easy and can be done in a fraction of the time it would take you if you did not use one.  Plus, no more back pain from stressful cleanup jobs using just a hose and a brush.  There are so many uses for a pressure washer.  If you own property, it is a must have. 

When I was getting ready to sell my last home, I had hired a professional company to clean up my landscaping and property.  I used to do all the work myself, but I never owned a pressure washer.  The company doing the job was using one and I watched in amazement how quickly everything was washed down and cleaned up.  What took them about an hour and a half would have taken me three weekends worth of work and the place looked as good as the day I bought the home ten years earlier.  I knew I would be buying one for my next home. 

Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer

I have rented several different pressure washers (both gas and electric) with different types of added on gadget extensions, range of psi’s, and power levels.  After some due diligence I decided to buy what turned out to be the best and easiest one I have used, the Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer.  It is perfect in size and weight with power strong enough to clean whatever I want and not overwhelming where it is ripping the paint off my car when I clean it.  This portable electric washer has the best pressure, best power and is perfect for my home. 

You can’t beat the price. The Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer cost less to buy than renting the standard professional one from the box store for 4 hours (I had rented a pressure washer 4 times while I was figuring out what I needed and what to buy).

Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer


This is what makes this motorized pressure washer is my favorite. 

  • Its portable size at only 19 Lbs. Makes it easy to use without much effort and is easy to store.  It has wheels and an extendable carry handle (like a piece of luggage).  My wife and I both use this with no problem. 
  • Even at its small size, it maintains a rated pressure of 1450 psi and a max pressure of 2175psi which is in par with the more expensive pressure washers of the same caliber.  This bad boy can clean!  You don’t need stronger than that for your home anyway and will most likely damage what you are trying to clean if you are using too much power.  The pressure range on this tool is perfect.  They also provide multiple spray nozzles that are used for different types of cleaning jobs. 
  • It is electric so you won’t smell any toxic gasoline or have to deal with oil.  Its much quieter and Eco-friendly. 
  • It took me about 3 minutes to complete the assembly out of packaging and saved me hours in cleaning jobs around my house. 
  • Reduction of energy consumption by roughly 80% vs a standard hose.  I save a ton of money and I don’t waste water. 
  • Virtually maintenance free unlike gas powered pressure washers which require routine maintenance and can often have mechanical issues.  You will need to periodically change the oil and if you’re storing it through the winter, there are further requirements that are needed to maintain the integrity of the engine during this time.   
  • Connects to my garden hose.  No annoying water tanks. 

How-To Advice

Safety first 

  • Wear gloves and use two hands so you have full control of the tool and spray. 
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes from ricocheting debris. 
  • Keep the spray 18”-24” distance from whatever you are cleaning to reduce risk of damage.  You can move closer as necessary. 
  • Never point it at anyone.  It only takes 1160 psi to break human skin. 
  • Use extra caution with older paint applications as can be more prone to chipping and much older paints contains lead. 
  • Do not operate on a ladder.  Pressure washing applies force momentum that can cause a loss of balance. 

Know your tips and nozzles.  Using the proper tip is crucial to using your power washer efficiently without causing damage.  Generally, these are universally color coded.  The range of strength for the nozzles depend on the degree of the spray. The strength increases as the degree increases.  0 degrees will be the strongest, deepest, most powerful cleaning while 40 degrees will be the gentlest, softest, most delicate cleaning.  Again, take caution when using stronger sprays as it can cause damage if it is too strong.   

Always Test a small area of what you intend to power wash first.  This way you can determine the best washing method and to ensure that the stream is not too strong for what you are washing.  Begin your job on corners and ends and use broad up and down even strokes.  Slightly overlap your passes so you do not create any visible lines.  Reviewing the entire object or area prior to cleaning to identify tougher areas to clean and weak points that may be more fragile requiring a more sensitive method of washing. 

Here are some more tips on routine uses. 

Power Washing Driveways and Walkways 

  • Sweep first and identify any stains to apply cleaning solutions to prior to power washing 
  • I use the 25-degree nozzle for this.  You can use the stronger 15-degree nozzle for very difficult stains, although it can chip and damage concrete so be very careful. 
  • Wear goggles. There is usually a lot more dirt and debris than it looks like. Protect your eyes. 

Power Washing Cars 

  • Find a good parking spot.  Make sure you have enough space and slack in cable from your energy source (water/electricity) 
  • Use the proper nozzle.  Some brands recommend using the 25-degree nozzle to prewash your car, but that’s a bad idea.  Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer recommends suing the 40-degree nozzle and it works perfectly. 
  • Pre-wash any dirt or grime off your vehicle then apply a layer of detergent solution before you use your 40- degree nozzle for a final rinse 
  • Test the pressure washer on the ground before you start on your car.  Test more concealed area of your car to see how it reacts to the pressure. 
  • Use even downward strokes and take your time. 
  • Washable microfiber clothes to dry and apply any finishing products. 

In Summary, the benefits of owning a pressure washer are great and makes painstaking jobs enjoyable. My pick is the Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer.  It is a well-rounded, easy to use, efficient and durable.  Simply a great product.  

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