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Gaming Console Monitor Buying Guide

26 Nov 2021

Know what to look for when buying your next monitor for gaming on a console

For years, console gaming has been a fixture in the living room on the family TV. As we move further into the blurred lines of the latest console generation, gamers are just as likely to connect a new Playstation 5 to a curved monitor as they are a wall-mounted big-screen television.

In fact, competing console makers have shrunk the divide between themselves and the PC gaming market more than ever with crossplay functionality becoming more common. With this trend, it’s not a bad idea to look towards gaming monitors for the ultimate enthusiast-focused experience and create your next at-home media hub.

Deco Gear carries a full lineup of monitors for gaming enthusiasts, professionals, remote workers, students, and more. From 49” multitasking ultrawide monitors to blazing-fast, pro-level gaming monitors, there is an option to suit your needs with the price to match.

Gaming Console Monitor Buying Guide

Best Gaming Monitor for the PS5

With newfound ultrawide support for displaying larger aspect ratios, the PlayStation 5 is ready to pair with your gaming setup. To take advantage of the PS5’s true 4K graphic capabilities, you need a 4K monitor to match. The newly released Deco Gear 28" 4K IPS Monitor is that and more with the ability to accurately display up to 1 billion colors… again, that’s Billions with a B. 

Best Gaming Monitor for the Xbox Series X

When considering your next Xbox gaming monitor, there aren’t many caveats to look out for with how much Microsoft wants to blend the PC and console ecosystems. Any of the Deco Gear monitors will work with this console, but if the aspect ratio is larger than 16:9 it will automatically resize to display correctly.

Best Gaming Monitor for the Nintendo Switch

With a form factor that lends to its portability, thinking about the best monitor for the Nintendo Switch leads to one major conclusion - you should get a portable monitor to match that capability. 

The Switch system excels at getting any level of gamer together in person with easy access to spare controllers and a huge catalog of fun multiplayer games. Small in size, bringing this compact console from place to place is simple and Deco Gear can provide a portable monitor that easily fills the role as your next Nintendo Switch monitor.

The PM20 1920x1080 Portable Monitor is feature-packed and provides a bigger viewing experience when compared to the Switch’s built-in screen. Capable of displaying a stunning 16.7 million colors and using an IPS display, users will notice improved viewing angles and a rich viewing experience. 

This monitor also features built-in speakers and has multiple connection ports, including HDMI and Type-C. Grab your switch, pack your portable monitor, bring some spare controllers, and you and your friends are ready to have fun anywhere!

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