The Benefits of an Air Fryer

by Tom Post on November 08, 2021

Air frying is the latest home cooking craze, taking off over the course of the past few years and inspiring thousands of air fryer recipes, like recently popular pasta chips, to become viral internet trends. With all of the hype the appliance has become a staple of the modern American kitchen, almost as essential as the microwave or dishwasher. But does the performance stand up to the fanfare? The true test of longevity comes down to the real benefits of using an air fryer. These compact kitchen aids provide healthier meals in less time with less risk and an easy cleanup when compared to traditional deep frying or even roasting in an oven. If you are still unsure about whether this popular household appliance is worth all of the exuberant praise surrounding it, continue on for a better understanding of air fryer advantages and disadvantages. 

Is Air Frying Good For You?

The appliance’s greatest pull is related to the promise of air fryer health benefits, but exactly how food is made differently remains a question to most consumers. In the cooking process super-heated air circulates internally, heating favorites like chicken wings and french fries on all sides. The extremely hot temperatures flash cook your food, achieving the crispy, crunchy texture traditionally only achieved by deep frying but without the added calories and grease from the oil needed. Of course, chicken wings and french fries are not the healthiest foods, but more nutritious options like brussel sprouts and other mixed vegetables can be made in the air fryer also for a guaranteed healthy meal that is not soggy or limp. Regardless of the food you serve in your kitchen, the air frying process reduces the fat content and cuts calories by 70 to 80 percent which is enough to be an assuredly leaner result. 

Answer: It is clear that air frying is healthier than deep frying. 

Benefits of Air Fryers

Is Air Frying Healthier Than Baking?

When the air fryers benefits are considered in comparison to traditional kitchen ovens, both appliances are sure to result in an equally healthy meal because both methods result in oil-free meals. But there are plenty of other features found in an air fryer that make it the superior choice when stacked against the oven. Your old-fashioned oven just does not have the capability of rapidly reaching high temperatures in the way that the compact and technologically advanced air fryer does. As previously mentioned, this is what makes the texture of food like that of traditional frying and not soggy or rubbery like baking in an oven can. Perfectly seasoned chicken wings can be made without the heavy grease of frying but without compromising the crispy, juicy texture that just is not possible with an oven. 

 Answer: Air frying and baking are just as healthy, but air frying still wins in comparison to the traditional oven for its ability to create food with better texture and flavor. 

Is Air Frying Safer? 

Kitchen appliances like deep fryers or ovens are not conducive to safety, especially when considering families with children or pets in the area. Deep frying, done with open oil that pops and sizzles when it comes in contact with food or water droplets, has a high possibility of causing grease fires or hot oil spills. Ovens, too, have hot heating elements which continue to run when the door is opened. The design of traditional ovens requires bending and stooping with trays of food while maneuvering to stay away from the heated metal racks and door. An air fryer eliminates the open grease issue posed by deep fryers. Models with baskets, like this 5.8QT Electric Air Fryer, keep the heating element tucked away inside of the body while the basket slides out and can be filled or empty without close contact with heat. Most models, including the one linked above, have a built-in timer, removing the worry of burning your food. Even in the case that food is cooked for too long, the heating element is located above the food basket, unlike in ovens where overcooked food can potentially drip onto the hot coils below the racks and set on fire. The safety of the appliance’s design make it safe enough to give kids the freedom to make their own afterschool snacks, or assist with dinner prep. 

Answer: Air fryers have modern designs that are built with more safety features than more dangerous and outdated appliances like deep fryers or ovens. 

Are Air Fryers Easy to Clean? 

Most air fryers are built with removable components which can be cleaned separately. Depending on the kind you decide to purchase, the basket or racks can be taken out and washed by hand. Certain models, like this 3.7QT Basket Air Fryer, are dishwasher safe, resulting in effortless cleanup. Traditional fryers require you to take special care with the added hassle of responsibly disposing of the leftover grease. Baking sheets, too, are difficult to scrub with hard to remove, baked on grease. With an air fryer, any added oil dissipates during use and cleanup means simply wiping and rinsing away oil residue.   

Answer: Baking sheets require tough scrubbing and grease from traditional frying is a headache to dispose of. Air fryers are much easier to clean, with some models even being dishwasher safe. 

Are Air Fryers Better For My Lifestyle? 

If you are someone with a tight schedule or little time to prepare dinner, this appliance might be helpful. Air fryers are a huge time saver in the kitchen. Pre-heating your oven can take as much time as actually cooking your meal with the large volume that needs to be brought up to temperature. Air fryers are appliances small enough to fit conveniently on your counter and so take much less time to pre-heat and cook your meals. Even larger air fryers like this 127QT multi-functional oven-style one from Deco Chef are small enough to heat faster than an oven but large enough to cook a whole chicken. A hectic schedule does not have to mean an unhealthy diet.  

Answer: Whether you are a busy parent or a college student, an air fryer can provide wholesome meals and help cut down on your time in the kitchen. 

As trendy as air frying has become recently, the many benefits of the compact device seem to justify the amount of applause.  With the variety of different models  found on the Deco website there is a perfect match for everyone. Smaller models offer faster pre-heating and less counter space needed, while larger models have the ability to air fry enough vegetables for a family or a whole chicken at once. All air fryers promise crispier, healthier results in comparison to other cooking methods, and with the onslaught of recipes circulating the internet, there will always be something fun for you to test out in your new appliance!