Cook Delectable Food with the Digital 4 Quart Air Fryer

When cooking in your kitchen, there are many appliances that can be used. However, you can save room on your countertop with devices that serve multiple functions. One outstanding example is the Deco Chef XL 4 Quart Digital Air Fryer Cooker with 7 Smart Programs, Preheat & Shake Remind, LED Touch Screen Oil-Less Non-Stick Coated Basket, Timer Counter Top with Cook Book Recipes, Top Rated. This air fryer is equipped with rapid air circulation, cooking food quickly and efficiently. It’s able to deliver your favorite fried foods with a restaurant style texture, but with up to 80% less calories. Utilizing its Touch Screen, you can decide between seven different smart program settings. This means you can choose the right options depending on the food you’re cooking. Unlike other fryers, this air fryer only requires around a half a spoon of oil to operate, resulting in less greasy, healthier foods. Once you taste the food this air fryer is capable of creating, you’ll be glad you added it to your kitchen appliances.

When it comes to the best air fryer, Deco Gear is what you need. Our dedicated and caring staff has the knowledge and expertise to help consumers through the often confusing buying process. If you are unsure of which size air fryer to purchase, please try calling our customer service center, and they will be happy to help you decide on the right device for your needs, and budget. If you have questions regarding the Deco Chef XL Digital 4 Quart Air Fryer Cooker With 7 Smart Programs, Preheat & Shake Remind, LED Touch Screen Oil-Less Non-Stick Coated Basket, Timer Counter Top, Healthy Kitchen Safe Frying Station with Cook Book Recipes, Top Rated, contact us today, and see how our appreciation of shoppers leads to better deals on some of the best products on the market.

Don't settle for soggy microwave results or wait to pre-heat your oven. Our Deco Chef Digital Air Fryer gives you the fried restaurant quality texture you want and with up to 80% less calories! Using rapid air circulation, super heated air surrounds your food, cooking it quickly and evenly from all angles.

Oil isn't necessary, meaning you get healthier food and less leftover fired aromas that can fill your home. Clean up is easy thanks to a non-stick coating, making this the perfect all around, energy efficient machine to give you healthy and Delicious meals.

Product Features:

  • Enjoy the taste of crispy and delicious cuisine with less calories.
  • Rapid Hot Air Circulation Technology Ensures That Everything Is Cooked Evenly.
  • Creates The Ideal Golden Crispy Texture Using Just Half A Spoonful Of Oil.
  • Up To 80% Less Fat And Oil Than Traditional Frying.
  • Digital Smart Settings LCD Touch Screen Display, 7 Smart Programs
  • One-Touch Operation. Simply press and select the mode with a button to start cooking french fries, meat, onion rings, fish, shrimp, chicken, etc.
  • 30 Minute Timer with Built In Alarm Indicator
  • Non-Stick Coated Removable Outer (3.5L) Pot and Inner (2.6L) Pot For 2 in 1 Capacity Options
  • Cool Touch Housing protects from burns
  • Quicker, Healthier, and More Convenient Fried Delights; satisfaction right in the comfort of your kitchen.
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 10.8 x 12.4 in
  • Weight: 8.16 pounds
  • Power: 120V/1300W
  • Temperature: 180°~400° F
  • Capacity: Removable Outer Pot 3.7 QT | Inner Pot 2.7 QT

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