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67mm 6Pc Graduated Color Multicoated Filter Set
67mm 6Pc Graduated Color Multicoated Filter Set
67mm 6Pc Graduated Color Multicoated Filter Set
67mm 6Pc Graduated Color Multicoated Filter Set

67mm 6Pc Graduated Color Multicoated Filter Set

  • 6 different filters with graduated color patterns
  • Rotating Frames to place the color where ever you want it
  • For creative color manipulation or use for Black & White Photography
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    Improve your photo quality with the use of Camera Filters

    This versatile 67mm multicoated filer set is the best method to improve the quality and colors of your favorite images by using six graduated color patterns of yellow, red, gray, orange, blue & purple.

    These filters comes with rotating frames to boost your creativity by altering the effects to retain vibrant and great quality images. With rotating aluminum filter rings and optical glass construction, these brilliantly designed filters control the placement of the color about the frame. The filter rings also feature front threads for attaching a lens cap or stacking additional filters for amazing image effects.

    This brilliant filter set is very useful when there is an impact of other factors in your composition such as light sky, dark background, or building and ocean on the each side of the image. One of the best features of this filter is that you can pick the color placement to obtain the desirable results; for instance, each of the filters has a colored half that adds color to half a portion of the image, while the rest of it can be balanced with a neutral color.

    Further with these filters, you can rotate the color on right or left, up and down or anywhere in between for adding more dramatic effect on one side while maintaining realistic effect within the other half of the image for versatile outcomes. Along with all the useful features, enjoy a six pocket filter wallet that keeps your filter safe and easily accessible at all times. If you enjoy being creative and adding colors to your photographs, this 67mm multi-coated filter set is the one for you!

    Product Features:

    • Comes with the filter size of 67mm
    • Six different colors multicoated filter set of Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Gray and Purple
    • Provides easily rotatable aluminum filter rings
    • High quality optical glass construction
    • Selective color placement for your images
    • Add dramatic, creative effects with color manipulation in your photographs
    • Includes six pocket fold-up filter pouch


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