58mm 4pc HD Macro Close-Up Lens Filter Set


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  • 58mm Macro Close-Up Filter set by Deco Gear is ideal for photographing small items & focusing in on details
  • Includes four close-up diopters at +1 +2 +4 & +10 magnification
  • Convex lens design shortens your minimum focusing & working distance

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58mm 4pc HD Macro Close-Up Lens Filter Set

This Close up lens kit from Deco Gear includes +1, +2, +4, and +10 dioptric strength lenses and fits lenses with 58mm filter threads. It is a simple and convenient solution where each of the lenses work towards reducing your minimum focusing distance and shortening working distance that effectively enables you to capture close-up shots.

Deco Gear Series 1 Close Up Lens Kit comes with a protective filter wallet for storage and your travel needs. Convex lens design shortens the minimum focusing distance of any lens for close-up shooting.

These high quality lenses are perfect for close up photography, where it allows the lens to go closer to the object to achieve a favorable result. Each lens has 58mm front threads that can be used individually or stacked on top of one another for higher overall effect.

For maximum magnification and great close up shots, Deco Gear 58mm Close-Up Macro Lens Set is the best you’ll find!

  • Size: 58 mm
  • Type: Close up lens kit
  • Includes dioptric strength: +1,+2,+4 and +10
  • Filter factor: 1 (0 stop)
  • Shortens working distance
  • Decreases minimum focusing distance
  • Combining filters for higher magnification
  • Convex lens design
  • Comes with a protective filter wallet

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Close-up, Macro


+1, +2, +4, +10 dioptric

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