Chef Knife 8-inch Damascus Steel


Item Description:

  • A blade that does the work for you!
  • Forged from 67 layers of Japanese Damasucs Steel
  • A stark and stylistic contrast to more common kitchen knives
  • G10 handle is waterproof, strong, and comfortable
  • Convenient care guide included with set

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A chef knife that brings the ancient strength and cutting prowess of Damascus steel to your kitchen.

Make meal preparation easier and more fun as you slice, dice, chop, and cut your way to delicious foods with the Deco Chef Japanese Damascus Steel 8” Chef Knife – a blade that does the work for you!

Using the rediscovered techniques, each blade is forged from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus Steel and hammered until solidified around a AUS-10 core. The impressively sharp blade that is created from this process gives you the power and ease to cut into nearly anything, except your wallet.

The precision-crafted handle is comprised of lightweight G10 and is waterproof. Created to be strong, yet comfortable, you’ll feel the balance of this blade in your hands as it minimizes any fatigue or aches you work through preparing your next meal.

By now, you’ve noticed the stunning pattern found on your blade and it is not an accident! The true mark of Damascus steel has a water-like pattern that ebbs and flows throughout the blade, giving it a stark and stylistic contrast to more common stainless steel kitchen knives. As a bonus for you, the quality of Damascus steel gives it added strength as well.

With a bolstered handle and precision blade, this quality and reliable knife will aide your cooking efforts for years to come. However, anyone that advertises an infinite blade for life is more than likely not completely honest – that’s why we include a convenient and easy to follow care guide on how to maintain the health of your knife and integrity of the blade so you keep getting the performance you expect.

At Deco Chef, We Do Delicious!

  • Chef Knife
  • Knife Stand
  • Sharpening Guidebook

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