DHPAS100 Passive 140W Bookshelf Speakers, 5in. Woofer with Dome Tweeter, White

Passive 140W Bookshelf Speakers, 5in. Woofer with Dome Tweeter (Black)


Item Description:

  • Elegant and modern styling combined with high quality sound
  • Produces a combined 140W of peak power, 2.0 Channel Audio
  • Removable face plate allows for multiple display options
  • Lightweight and just over a foot tall, easy to transport or move

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Create an instant home theater sound for your turntable and media player or add to your existing setup using the beautifully designed Deco Home DHPAS100 Passive Bookshelf Speakers.

With a compact bookshelf design, these speakers generate premium 2.0 Channel stereo sound that delivers a performance worthy of their incredible look. Capable of generating up to 140 W of combined power, experience spacious imaging and smooth sonic response as your room is filled with quality sound.

A 5” woofer provides the deep rumbling bases and gives your lower and mid-range tones the boost you’re looking for. On the top of the unit, a ¾” tweeter handles the high notes and adds the crispness and treble effects to capture the subtle details.

Enclosed in stylish wood casing, Deco Home offers two colors and finishes – a lighter and modern white wood as well as a more traditional black finish. The removable grilles show a stunning array of speakers, with the woofers getting unique color treatments. The white wood finish gets a beautiful pure white cone, adding to its sleek elegance that tastefully adds to your home décor. Conversely, the black finish reveals and vibrant deep red woofer cone that’s great for matching personalized setups.

The DHPAS100 Passive Bookshelf Speakers set is an ideal size and weight for easy positioning and shelf placement. Use them as your primary stereo or turntable speakers, in tandem with your surround sound setup, or as complements to your soundbar.

No matter the use, make sure you’re able to set them up with a powered amplifier unit as passive speakers don’t generate sound on their own. The benefit of passive speakers is that they allow for more flexibility in tweaking to get the sound you want as well as upgrading audio cables.

140 Total Watts of Power

Each speaker generates of to 70 watts of power, making these ideal as standalone units for your media player or surround sound system.

A Look You Want to Feature

Choose between an elegantly stunning white wood finish and the classic sleek black look. Each speaker has a contrasting woofer cone color that you’ll want to show off with removable grilles.

2.0 Channel Audio

Enjoy crisp and high fidelity stereo sound and hear your music or other audio as it’s meant to be heard.

Lightweight and Compact

The DHPAS100 Passive Bookshelf Speakers set are an ideal size and weight for easy positioning and shelf placement. At just over a foot high and 7 pounds each, you won’t run into any issue in finding a place for these in your home.

Max Output Power: 70W per unit (140 W total)

Woofer Size: 5 in

Tweeter Size: .75 in

Resistance: 8 Ω

Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB

Frequency Response: 40 – 18 Khz

Product Width: 7.3”

Product Depth: 8.7”

Product Height: 12.2”

Net Weight: 15.4 lb total / 7.7 lb each

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