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Best Essential Lawn Care Equipment of 2023

28 Apr 2023

It’s just about spring and that means it’s time to do some lawn care and tidy up the landscaping around your house. Taking care of your property inside and out is important to all homeowners and unless you want to pay top dollar to a lawn care business to do something that can be done yourself, you’re going to need the best and most essential lawn care products that fit your budget and your stamina. With the correct gear, you will find it convenient to DIY and not as strenuous as you would think. Plus, doing a little home improvement will provide a good workout too.

Most folks think they need to buy a million different tools and pieces of equipment or hire professional lawn care services to maintain their property. But the truth is, there are 3 essential lawn care tools that will make your job easy and save you a ton of money in the process.

Electric Lawn Mower

Beginning with the absolute most essential and the only lawn care tool that can get the job done if you had to choose only one tool is the lawn mower.

With many types to choose from, which is the best lawn mower for you? From push mowers and riding lawn mowers to electric mowers and gas mowers, there are benefits and drawbacks for each.

Cutting a massive lot will be a lot easier with a riding lawn mower, but most people won’t need that. In fact, trying to use a riding lawn mower will be a pain in the neck to use on a smaller to medium sized yard with almost zero turn when needing to cut tighter corners and less area to maneuver. Push mowers are the most popular because it can take care of any size yard, small or large. Virtually all push mowers sold today will be self propelled lawn mowers which makes them easy to push.

Before purchasing a new mower, the question usually comes down to whether to buy a gas mower or an electric mower. There is a larger selection of gas powered lawn mowers to choose from vs electric mowers, but that’s because there has only been gas mowers being built for decades. Electric mowers are increasingly popular but are still considered new”ish”. Anyone who has worked with both an electric and a gas lawn mower will agree that an electric mower is the way to go for homeowners.

Here are a few reasons why electric mowers are better than gas mowers.

  • Electric mowers DO NOT NEED GAS!!! Besides being eco-friendly, not having to go to the gas station to fill up a canister of gas every couple weeks and avoid the mess and toxic fumes that comes with working with gasoline is a huge benefit. Plus, gas is expensive.

  • Electric mowers are easy to maintain. This benefit is probably equal to or in combination with the first benefit. Because the maintenance that goes into gas mowers can become insane. Every season, gas mowers need their oil changed, spark plug changed, new filters, and cleaning. Even when you perform all the required maintenance tasks, eventually the gunk will catch up to you and cause your gas mower not to start. At that point, you either pay someone an exorbitant fee to fix it or you DIY, which entails removing and taking apart the mowers carburetor and cleaning every tiny jet and ensuring there are no faulty tubes that feed gas and airflow to the carburetor and engine amongst other parts of the mower. Electric mowers don’t need any of that. They don’t even need oil to run since there are no moving parts that need to be lubricated.

  • Electric mowers will save you money. Electric mowers won’t need replacement parts that are standard maintenance for gas mowers and don’t use gas or motor oil which are also increasingly expensive.

The Deco Home Cordless Lawn Mower checks all the boxes of what you should look for in an battery powered electric mower. You will get up to 40 minutes of juice from the 40V lithium battery which is more than enough amp and time to manicure the average lawn. Since this is not a corded mower, there is no messy cable that you need to maneuver around and you can always buy an extra battery if your workload is longer than the 40 minutes of run time. There is an option of running the 750W motor on variable speeds from 3000 RPM to 3800 RPM which will help give some extra power for longer harder to cut lawns. This heavy duty mower has all the things you would find on a toro but without the gas and oil aspects. There is a fast height adjustment spring loaded mechanism and an electric and a 45L grass bag. The side discharge shoot will feed the grass clippings right back onto the lawn which many homeowners (including myself) use in leu of grass seed and lawn fertilizer which both add extra expenses along with extra equipment like a spreader or aerator for the seeding. There is an electric control panel with a simple push start button and a live battery charge indicator so you can manage your power levels and never run out of juice mid cut. The battery housing is also IPX1 waterproof. This is a beast of a mower. This is the electric mower that will make your life easier.

deco gear lawn mower

Electric Leaf Blower

It may seem like an extra luxury, but the leaf blower is truly an essential landscaping tool. Before these things went electric, they were a pain to own simply because of the constant maintenance required from gas powered small engines. Now that electric leaf blowers are available to the masses, Every homeowner should have one in their garage alongside all of their other power tools. Especially because electric leaf blowers are inexpensive. Anyone who owns one will tell you how much of a blessing they are. You will no longer need to spend hours with leaf rakes and shovels, a blower will do that job in minutes. Leaf blowers are also great at clearing grass clippings and other debris out of your flower beds, garden beds, and mulch areas. Put it this way, if you own a string trimmer, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, sprinkler, pruners, shears, and/or other lawn and gardening tools while not owning a leaf blower, you are missing out and need to add it to your lawn and garden equipment.

The Deco Home 20V Cordless Electric leaf blower is a terrific and affordable choice. It can be used all year around, from blowing clear al the leaves from fall to blasting away light snow in the winter. It’s powerful motor can provide up to 150 MPH of blowing power while the removable 20V battery will get you up to 40 minutes of runtime. Plus, unlike most gas powered blowers, this battery powered blower is super lightweight coming in at a mere 3 lbs.

deco gear leaf blower

Electric Pressure Washer

Homeowners will eventually make their way to one of the big box stores to rent a pressure washer at some point. Sometimes there are things that rain or a garden hose just wont get clean. From dirt and debris on the sidewalk, to oil stains in the driveway, to the siding on your house, and even your car, a pressure washer is what you need to clean it. At some point, all homeowners need one. Instead of renting one, you can reinvest that money into this Deco Home 1800W Electric Pressure Washer which will pay for itself after 2 to 4 uses (if you compare the cost to 2-4 rentals from home depot). This electric pressure washer is more than easy to operate and maintain since it’s electric. It features 1800W of power that can be used with well or city water, includes multiple nozzle sprayers in a variety of sizes and shapes, and is built strong with IPX5 waterproofing and a 19lbs frame. The bottom line is that if you find yourself spending time to clean your driveway, sidewalks, your house and car with a garden hose, than you need to get a pressure washer and you should be looking at an electric one like the Deco Home Electric Pressure Washer.

deco gear pressure washer

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