Best EV Charging Stations

Whether you’re a new EV driver or have owned one for many years, having a proper method to recharge your vehicle is a must. With electric cars on the rise, more people are looking for convenient methods of keeping their electric vehicles fully charged. While out and about, public charging stations from Blink, Chargepoint, and EVgo can fill up fast, so charging locations might be limited. Thankfully, there are many electric vehicle charging stations and home chargers available. Depending on the level of the charger, you’ll have the option to choose between a fast charging station or a slow and steady recharge for your vehicle. While Tesla uses their own proprietary supercharger plugs, most EVs utilize either CCS or CHAdeMO connectors, depending on your car’s brand.

There are three different levels of electric vehicle chargers. Level 1 charging is from standard 120-volt outlets that are typical in North America. Since the voltage is fairly low, the charging time is also the slowest compared to the others. That said, if you don’t travel much, this is a good method for charging at home. Level 2 charging requires either a 220-volt outlet or a hardwired installation, making them fast chargers. They’re also the most common type of charging port you’ll encounter in public areas. Level 3 chargers provide the fastest charging speeds. While these chargers provide the fastest charge, not every battery is capable of accepting a level 3 charger.

When it comes to the best EV charging networks and adapters, Deco Gear is what you need. Plus, If you live in America or Canada, you may qualify for a rebate if you have a charging infrastructure in your home. Our dedicated and caring staff has the knowledge, services, and expertise to help consumers through the often confusing buying process. If you’re unsure of which EV charger to purchase, please try calling our customer support center, and they will be happy to help you decide on the best charger for your car and budget. If you have any questions regarding our chargers, contact us today, and see how our appreciation of shoppers can help you save on some of the best products on the market.

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