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Get to know Deco!

21 Sep 2020

Technology is always evolving. Each year, we are introduced to thousands of new products from various industries that revolutionize the way we create, think, live, and learn. The only problem is; how do you find these cutting-edge products that you don't necessarily know you need?

Here at Deco, our goal is to provide our customers with top-notch products spanning many different industries - all in one place.

Starting in 2016, Deco Gear has been offering premium accessories ranging from camera cases, photography and drones, tactical gear, and much more. Since then, we've expanded our brands to include Deco Photo, Deco Chef, Deco Home, Deco Pet, Deco Mount, and Deco Essentials. With this, we have established an all-encompassing range of products that are easy to find and that our customers will love. Learn more about each of our brands below!

Deco Gear

Here at Deco Gear our goal is to provide high quality products, great customer service, and an ideal shopping experience at the best possible price. We offer a growing number of brands that provide you, the customer, with useful, carefully selected, and quality assured merchandise over a wide range of categories. We created each of our great lines so that we could cut out the middle man and provide our customers with the highest quality products from around the world at the lowest possible price. At Deco Gear, we fully stand behind the quality of our products and provide our customers with a Full 1 (one) Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Our headquarters is located in Edison, New Jersey and our expert US based customer service division is standing by ready to answer all of your questions.

Deco Photo

Deco Photo provides the quality photography equipment and accessories that a pro photographer requires with the pricing needs of the entry level shopper. There is not a camera brand or model that our experienced designers and engineers have not cultivated optimized accessories for in order to enhance your photography experience.

Deco Chef

Deck out your kitchen with Deco Chef for all of your culinary needs including cookware, gadgets, and the latest and most innovative appliances. Whether the heart of your home prefers gourmet, comfort, or a bit of both, we have the tools for the project. Allow us to help you prepare delicious meals, spend quality time with family and loved ones, and experience a symphony of the senses. At Deco Chef, We Do Delicious!

Deco Home

At Deco Home, we have cultivated collections of modern and classic products to help you craft and decorate your ideal living spaces. From innovative Smart Home devices to premium quality Bedding, we will never compromise on value and affordability. Our mission is to provide a convenient source of the custom wellness, comfortable, and stylish experience you desire for your home. Bring Deco Home's ideas to your table and discover the latest and timeless trends for your inspired home design.

Deco Pet

Deco Pet provides all your pet needs with carefully sourced essentials using only the finest quality products and materials offering security and peace of mind knowing that your faithful companion will feel right at home. When it comes to keeping your pets happy and well cared for, Deco Pet has you covered.

Deco Mount

Deco Mount offers various types of mounting systems for all sized TV’s, Speakers, GPS devices, Computer monitors and much more. Protect your investment and customize your display the way you intend with tried and true mounting solutions.

Deco Essentials

Deco Essentials provides exclusive low pricing and discounts on new, top-rated, and best-selling accessories. Our brand caters to a wide range of in-demand and growing categories such as electronics, photography equipment, and travel gear. Deals are available with no obligation to sign up for a membership, with instant sales available until an offer sells out.


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