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What Makes a Good Gaming Monitor

14 Jun 2023

If you are anything like me, well, then you are a gamer. As a gamer, we know that your gaming experience is so dependent on the type of display that you use. In today’s ultra competitive online gaming world, specs such as low latency or low input lag, higher resolution and higher refresh rates are key to success as a gamer. And, what does a monitor have to do with these features and specs? Since the monitor is an extension of your gaming device like a gaming PC or an Xbox for example, the image quality emanating from your monitor is crucial to maximizing the potential of your console and the features contained within.

Coupled with the powerful CPU’s and specs found in today’s leading laptops and gaming PC’s from manufacturers like Alienware by Dell, Acer, Asus, Samsung and ROG, you will need the best gaming monitor you can get.

Therefore, if you are an avid gamer looking for competitive gaming, or even a casual gamer, you cannot compete properly without having great equipment with a deep variety of gaming specs. You need a Gaming Monitor.

The best gaming monitors will have some of the highest specs that you will find in today’s market. That is mainly because gaming monitors versus general monitors will be geared toward accomplishing very intensive and immersive content, requiring quick response that can literally be measured in milliseconds. So let’s explore what makes a good Gaming Monitor.

What makes a Good Gaming Monitor

Additional Features to Explore

Resolution and Refresh Rates

Gaming displays often tout features that general use monitors won’t have. Whereas everyday use monitors at say a max resolution of Full HD 1080P may suffice, for a gamer that won’t cut it. With more and more games being released with features like 4k HDR or High Dynamic Range, with refresh rates of 120 htz plus, you need a monitor’s refresh rate to match or exceed your game and consoles specs. So a 4K monitor preferably with UHD (ultra high definition) HDR 400 or HDR 10 support is needed at minimum for gamers. Although there are different standards for dynamic range that would suffice besides for HDR 400 or HDR 10, those being Full HD or QHD monitors, however they won’t provide the same gaming specs that a 4K monitor or an 8K monitor with HDR would. However, since 8K content at this time is hardly available (non existent almost in gaming) we feel that a 4K monitor bests suits gamers. However, 8K content may not be that far away.

With higher refresh rates comes lower input lag and fast response. VVR or Variable Refresh Rates is a great feature on a gaming monitor to help prevent screen tearing and your gameplay more fluid. Adjusting your refresh rate especially with a built in Variable Refresh Rate can help eliminate ghosting as well. So when playing in fast paced competitive games such as esports, shadows or trails (ghosts) of objects should not appear.

Panel Type

Having the appropriate display panel is so important. We have come a long way technology wise in the improving panel types and there are a variety available for use. From VA Panels or vertical alignment, to the first type of LCD panel the TN Panel standing for twisted nematic, newer standard LCD Panels with IPS Panels with in plane switching, LED or E-LED and high-end OLED panels the evolution is here.

When gaming, your viewing experience needs to be up to par. Competitive gaming like esports games or first person shooters games require, that your viewing experience is at its best and concentration is not an issue. LED or high-end OLED panels will give you the color reproduction, sharp image detail, and proper pixel usage, so your gaming experience will be immersive and enjoyable.

Connectivity and Ports

The best gaming monitors will have multiple types of ports for connectivity to laptops, gaming PCs with powerful CPU’s and gaming consoles among other peripherals. HDMI 2.0 and the newer HDMI 2.1 are common amongst gaming monitors. HDMI 2.1 allows for things like eARC which will send the signal from a receiver in both directions. HDMI 2.1 also supports up to 8K at 60 hz and 4K video display with higher bandwidth capability.

Many gaming monitors also contain USB support with USB-C connectivity as well.

When gaming connectivity is vital. Therefore the latest routers with Wi-Fi 6 and even Wi-Fi 6e (albeit a much smaller footprint) are best suited to get the full potential out of your gaming experience. It’s worth noting that Alienware a subsidiary of Dell and ROG which are leaders in the gaming market have baked in software in many routers. Their software should make for seamless interface with your gaming PC and gaming monitor.

We recommend updating your router to it’s latest firmware.


Getting the right graphics card and GPU are essential to performance reproducing properly on a gaming monitor. If your GPU is not powerful enough, you may encounter stuttering in your display. So make sure that your that your graphics card and GPU are on your to-do list when shopping for what will give you a great display.

There is also the amazing new technology developed by Nvidia called Nvidia G-sync. This display technology that delivers the smoothest and fastest gaming experience ever. G-SYNC's performance can be relied upon to synchronize refresh rates to get rid of possible screen tearing while also lowering stutter and low input lag.

Best Gaming Monitors

Ultrawide monitors, curved and ultrawide curved monitors make up some of the foremost monitors for gamers to give you the best gaming experience possible. Let’s explore some of our picks for gaming monitors that we believe will take you to a whole new level while gaming.

Our top pick for a gaming monitor which will take you to the next level is the Deco Gear 49" Curved Ultrawide E-LED Gaming Monitor. Let’s review some of the specs that make this gaming monitor so attractive:

  • Great price point and is currently discounted

  • A ridiculously awesome aspect ratio of 32:9 with a screen resolution of 3840 x 1080

  • 49” screen size ultrawide curved monitor provides an immersive experience

  • High refresh rate or frame rate of 144 Hz with a response time of 4 milliseconds. Can definitely handle 4K games with 120 FPS.

  • E-LED backlight with 16.7 million colors.

  • 95% srgb color gamut in the rgb category of the color reproduction.

  • 3000:1 contrast ratio with a dynamic ratio of 1000000:1

  • R1800 curvature of screen for great viewing angles and reducing eye strain.

  • 350 nits of peak brightness for even those extra bright lighting conditions where you need a vivid gaming picture.

  • Multiple user (6) profiles so each user can have their own specs set allowing for individual top notch viewing experience. This comes in quite handy when you have multiple gamers in your home.

  • USB-A, USB-C connectivity port and USB-C with power delivery up to 65W max


Another of our favorite gaming monitors that we recommend is the Deco Gear 39" Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor. Here are a sampling of the specs of this curved monitor.

  • Price. This curved ultra wide is amazing for the price point

  • Great aspect ratio 16:9 in 2560 x 1440 UHD viewing with great pixel count

  • 39 inch monitor provides for an immersive experience and reduced eye strain.

  • Extremely fast refresh rate of 165 Hz for a motion blur free viewing experience

  • 4000:1 contrast ratio for excellent visuals

  • 16.7 million colors accurately displayed

  • 99% srgb color gamut

  • ELED backlight

  • 350 nits of peak brightness

  • HDR Support for High Definition viewing and graphics.

  • Three frameless bezels for great field of view, so the entire image goes on screen.

  • R3000 curvature of screen real estate for fantastic viewing angles. This will assist greatly in increasing comfort during long gaming sessions by reducing eye strain.

  • Multiple user (6) profiles so each user can have their own specs set allowing for individual top notch viewing experience. This comes in quite handy when you have multiple gamers in your home.

  • HDMI 2.0 display port with adaptive sync (like g-sync or amd freesync) for fast gaming to help prevent screen tear

  • USB-A, USB-C connectivity port and USB-C with power delivery up to 65W max

  • Low blue light emission which significantly diminishes human eye strain which can impede rest and sleep (Tip: Don’t game to close to bedtime)·        

Another gaming monitor that has the specs you need to take your gaming experience up a notch is the very capable Deco Gear 29-Inch 2560x1080 100Hz, Curved Gaming Monitor. With high refresh rates of 100 Hz or FPS and over 16 million colors displayed this smaller yet powerful monitor comes in at a great price point and is a good match for gamers with powerful CPU’s, GPU’s and intensive fast competitive gaming.

What makes a good gaming monitor

Ready to Play?

So, we’ve learned the importance of having a good gaming monitor to pair with your gaming PC, console, tablet or other device. Just having the most powerful PC with top of the line specs and the most powerful CPU wont cut it if your display is subpar. So we see the need for dedicated gaming monitors with fast response time, higher resolution low input lag and tremendous field of view.

Now now you are ready to play. So let’s get gaming!

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