RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Are you a committed PC gamer, or work at a desk for lengthy hours? Then you know there is different equipment necessary to work and game properly. Among the many tools used, one of the most important devices are computer mice. One outstanding option is the Deco Gear Wired Gaming Mouse with 800-5000 Adjustable DPI, High Precision Optical Mouse, Ergonomic For All Gaming Grips, 11 RGB Backlit Modes, and 6 Buttons. This six button gaming mouse features a friendly, ergonomic design. It has full RGB lighting and six adjustable modes. The mouse also has adjustable DPI settings from 800 to 5000, and an incredibly responsive 1000Hz polling rate. This makes it perfect for games and work with a large about of multitasking. Once you see how it feels to use this mouse, you’ll know it’s the perfect addition to your computer setup.

Improve your work and gaming experience with the Deco Gear Wired Gaming Mouse. This peripheral offers fully adjustable DPI settings, and utilizes the gaming industry standard of 1000 Hz polling rate. To help you game like a pro, it provides you with six buttons that you can map out, saving you precious time during critical moments. The length and top of the mouse are encompassed in full RGB lighting, adding vibrant colors and style. You can choose between 11 different RGB lighting modes, so you can choose whatever suits your mood and setup. The mouse also has multiple DPI settings: 800, 1200, 1800, 2500, 3200, and 5000. So you can choose between them depending on what game you’re playing.

When it comes to the best gaming mouse, Deco Gear is what you need. Our dedicated and caring staff has the knowledge and expertise to help consumers through the often confusing buying process. If you are unsure of which equipment to purchase, please try calling our customer service center, and they will be happy to help you decide on the right mouse for your device, needs, and budget. If you have questions regarding the Deco Gear Wired Gaming Mouse | 800-5000 Adjustable DPI | High Precision Optical Mouse | Ergonomic For All Gaming Grips | 11 RGB Backlit Modes | 6 Buttons, contact us today, and see how our appreciation of shoppers leads to better deals on some of the best products on the market.

Improve your gaming experience with a Wired Gaming Mouse

Is your generic mouse slowing your down? Keep yourself in the game with faster response times and higher accuracy using the sleek Deco Gear Wired Gaming Mouse.

This gaming-inspired peripheral offers fully adjustable DPI settings and a gaming industry standard 1000 Hz polling rate that lets you play like the pros. With six buttons to choose from, you can map out your best way to play and save key seconds when it matters most.

Ergonomic and comfortable to hold, this stylish and eye-catching device affordably improves your play and fits into any PC battlestation aesthetic. With a full RGB lighting display that encompasses the length and top of the mouse, add some vibrant flash that matches your skill.

Choose your mood with 11 different RGB lighting modes – go with solid colors or find the right flow with mesmerizing rainbow effects. Each DPI setting has its own color so you’ll always know your mouse is operating at the right sensitivity. Select from 800, 1200, 1800, 2500, 3200, or 5000 dots per inch – professional gamers will love the combination of low DPI and high poll rate.

  • Mouse Type: Gaming
  • Tracking Method: Optical
  • Lighting Type: RGB
  • Custom Lighting: Yes
  • Max Sensitivity: 5000 DPI
  • Minimum Sensitivity: 800 DPI
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Number of Buttons: 6
  • Connectivity: Wired USB Type A
  • Power Source: Wired
  • Mouse Height: 1.6 in.
  • Mouse Width: 2.7 in.
  • Mouse Length: 4.8 in.
  • Mouse Weight: 4.6 oz.

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