Improve your DJI drones with the 3-Piece Filter Kit

Product Features:
  • For DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone
  • 3-Piece Filter Kit includes 1x ND4, 1x ND8, 1X CPL filter.
  • ND filters allow you have more control over your drones aperture, exposure time, and light sensitivity allowing you to achive shallower depth of field and sharper photos. The higher the number the less light that gets through.
  • CPL filters are great for reducing glare from surfaces of water.
  • Glass Construction
  • NDs Cut Light for Reduced Shutter Speed
  • Polarizer Reduces Glare/Boosts Contrast

In The Box:

  • CPL Polarizing Filter
  • ND4 2-Stop Filter
  • ND8 3-Stop Filter

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