Make your workouts fun and enjoyable, with an Indoor/Outdoor Fitness Trampoline

The Deco Home 48-inch Fitness Trampoline is the ideal at-home workout equipment for both beginners and advanced athletes. Whether you’re looking to save space in a tight apartment or just want something fun to do while you’re watching TV, this fitness rebounder will get you jumping in no time!

Utilizing 24 high-strength tension springs, a tight jumping platform 48 inches in diameter propels you upwards. With each jump, users will expend energy at their own desired pace and height. Tone leg muscles and improve cardio.

If you’re just getting into exercising, this is the perfect introductory piece of equipment. Set up is simple and there are no complicated movements. Just jump your way to a healthier you. Low-impact landings provide an alternative to high impact workouts such as running.

This trampoline also comes with adjustable handlebars to help you balance and stay in control. Around the edge is a cover layer to protect you from landing on the springs.  Each leg features a non-slip footing that also prevents from scratching hardwood floors. When you’re done this trampoline folds up compactly to slide under a couch, bed, or into a closet.

Built with quality components, jump confidently, and safely. Perfect to use indoors at home or bring with you to the gym. Bring it with you outdoors in your backyard, on your deck, or at the park. For advanced users, this is a great warmup device or used as part of a training circuit.

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