Fast ice-making, perfect for your home or office!

A perfect addition to any kitchen, office, or small business, the Deco Chef 33LB Countertop Ice Maker features a compact space-saving design and simple automatic operation. Producing high-quality nugget ice, this ice maker is ready to provide a steady supply for all of your entertaining and beverage cooling needs.

With a production capacity of up to 33 pounds of ice per day, this countertop ice maker is perfect for hosting at home or for use in the office breakroom. With its user-friendly one-touch control panel, just add water to the 1.1 liter water reservoir and it will automatically create ice until full. The included ice scoop allows you to easily and hygienically collect ice as its made.

Able to hold up to 1.8 pounds of ice in the ice basket, this ice machine is capable of producing over one pound of ice per hour. The top loading lid allows you to easily access ice as you need it and also functions as a viewing window to see the level of ice available. Activate the self-leaning program with another button press and use the drain plugs to dry out the machine when not in use for prolonged periods.

Reliable and convenient, this ice maker provides you with a constant supply of delicious, chewable nugget ice, perfect for use in cocktails, smoothies, and other cold beverages. Nugget ice is smaller in size than larger cube ice and can make attractive and fun drink concoctions for aspiring mixologists.

The ice maker is made with high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean. Featuring a footprint of just over 12 inches deep, this appliance can help save countertop space and is small enough for portable use. Perfect for apartments, camper RVs, and other tight quarters, this ice maker can serve as an excellent alternative to larger ice machines and built-in refrigerator units.

Product Highlights for Deco Chef 33LB Countertop Nugget Ice Maker


Stock your home with plenty of nugget ice, up to 33 pounds per day

Nugget Ice is smaller, softer, and easier to chew. Perfect for fun drink ideas!

Store up to 1.8 lbs of ice, with just over a pound of ice created in one hour

Simple button presses control ice-making and self-cleaning operations

Lifting lid allows for fast access to ice with included viewing window

  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Ice Production: 33lbs per day
  • Ice Basket Capacity: 1.8 lb (0.8 kg)
  • Ice Type: Nugget Ice Cubes
  • Water Reservoir: 1.1 L
  • Cooling: Compressor cooling (R600a/20g)
  • Indicators: Add Water, Ice Basket Full
  • Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.7 x 12.7 in.
  • Product Weight: 29.8 lb

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