The Deco Gear PC Microphone is a multi-functional high-quality microphone for your desk.

This studio-grade USB digital microphone is feature-packed and fully able for users looking to record clear audio for gaming, online streaming, music recording and singing, online voice recording for virtual meetings, and much more.

Using professional audio processing chips, a unidirectional condenser with strong anti-interference, and a unique tri-capsule array, our desktop mic records with high-sensitivity, providing lossless quality audio that sounds authentic. Choose from 4 recording modes on the fly - stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional recording all selectable on the mic itself.

The microphone also features an adjustable gain level and volume output to find the right sound for different needs. With a 3.5mm audio jack and zero-latency support, users can easily monitor recording. A built-in anti-spray cover and anti-vibration frame help reduce unwanted noises. Truly one microphone for multiple occasions!

Thanks to a built-in sound card, the USB/Type-C MIC1G is a fully plug-and-play device and you don’t need to track down any drivers to install or update – it just works. This streaming mic is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Vista, as well as MAC, PS3/4, Android, and iOS mobile platforms.

At the base of the microphone is an RGB light ring that features 6 different colors and 4 lighting modes - 26 different options to choose from! An OLED display shows the user's current settings and adjustment options.

How does a cardioid microphone work?
The cardioid microphone reduces sound pickups from the side and rear - in addition to reducing feedback from monitors, the sensitivity pattern is heart-shaped which lends to its "cardiovascular-like" name.

What are stereo microphones used for?
Great for live music recordings, stereo recording patterns have a wide and immersive sound field that makes recordings sound like you're there. Hear specific sounds in each ear, as if you were listening to them play on a real-life stage.

How does a bidirectional microphone work?
These microphones use recording patterns that are highly sensitive at the front and rear of the device but pick up little from the sides. These are great conversational devices for recording interviews or live sessions with a presenter and audience.

What are omnidirectional mics used for?
This type of microphone is sensitive from all sides - this allows the speaker or sound source to be recorded from any direction or position. Omnidirectional mics are commonly found on camera devices and musical acts with multiple instruments.

Product Highlights:

Professional Sound All-Around
Professional and studio-grade USB digital microphone - designed for the professional gamer, anchor, amateur singer, and those in need of high-quality recording.

High-Quality Capability
The DGMIC1G has high sensitivity and lossless sound quality recording that improves the authenticity of the sound.

Multiple Recording Patterns
Choose from four recording patterns on the fly:

  • Cardioid
  • Stereo
  • Bidirectional
  • Omnidirectional

Crucial Adjustments
Adjustable gain level and output volume suitable for different occasions to find the best sound

Reduce Outside Noise
Built-in spray cover and anti-vibration frame that effectively reduces noise and distortion

Cool RGB Lighting
The bottom of the microphone features RGB lighting, including four display modes - dynamic, breathing, always-on, flashing. 26 different modes in total!

  • Product Dimensions: 7.5" x 2.4" x 2.4"
  • Rating Voltage: DC 5V
  • Rating Current: 500mA
  • Recording Pattern: Cardioid, Stereo, Bi-directional, Omni-directional;
  • Sample Rate: 96kHz
  • Bit Rate: 16Bit
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Max Sound Pressure: 120db
  • Sensitivity: 4.5mV/Pa(1K Hz)
  • Capsule: 16mm diameter unidirectional electrode condenser capsule
  • Headphone amplifier
  • Impedance: >16Ω
  • Output Power: 130Mw (32Ω headphone)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.009%

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