A reliable and space-saving solution designed to efficiently dry your laundry with ease.

With its compact size, the Deco Home 1400W Compact Electric Front Load Dryer is perfect for small homes, apartments, or laundry rooms where space is limited. While you save pace, don't let its size fool you - this dryer boasts a drying capacity of 9 lbs or 2.65 cu. ft., ensuring you can dry a substantial load of laundry in one go.

Despite its compact design, this dryer doesn't compromise on functionality. It offers a variety of drying programs carefully tailored to accommodate different fabric types and drying preferences. Whether you're drying delicate garments or heavier items, these dryers have the versatility to handle it all. Choose the appropriate program, and let the dryer take care of the rest.

Equipped with an automatic humidity sensor, these dryers ensure your clothes are dried to perfection without the risk of over-drying. The sensor intelligently detects the moisture levels in your laundry, adjusting the drying time accordingly. Say goodbye to damp clothes or damaged fabrics - with this dryer, your garments will be dried just right, every time.

Featuring an electric 3-prong plug, this dryer offers straightforward installation. Simply plug it into a standard outlet, and you're ready to enjoy the convenience of efficient drying without the need for complex wiring or modifications.

Controlling and monitoring your drying cycle is effortless, thanks to the user-friendly LCD touch panel. The panel provides clear and intuitive options, allowing you to easily customize settings and keep track of the progress. Take full control of your drying experience and achieve optimal results with a simple touch.


  • Strong Drying: Dryer will run at full power for the set time. Generally used to dry larger-sized clothing. This program will default to 150-minute drying time, but can be adjusted
  • Intelligent Drying: Runs for a maximum of 200 minutes or until the humidity sensor detects adequate dryness
  • ECO Drying: Saves energy usage with cold air drying for 140 minutes. Extra hot drying time is added depending on the humidity level and weight of wet clothes.
  • Normal Drying: The dryer operates at half-power to run the set time. This mode has two functions - ironing or drying. Ironing function set time is generally not more than 90 minutes, after shutdown, the clothes will still contain moisture which is easier for ironing. The drying function set time is generally not less than 120 minutes.

NOTE: never vent indoors or in an enclosed space. Included is a venting pipe to ensure proper ventilation to an outdoor area through a window or exterior door. While outdoor venting is always preferred, if it's not possible, you can also attach a (not included) indoor dryer vent filter.

Product Highlights for Deco Home 1400W Laundry Dryer


Simple to use, all digital controls, and everything you need for drying your clothes in small spaces! Ensure you have 3-prong plug access, proper ventilation, and you're ready to go!

Floor standing, wall mount, or stack - as long as the surface is level and there is adequate space around the dryer, finding a convenient drying location is simple.

A sturdy stainless steel drum is able to take the heat for long-lasting performance and enhanced clothes drying.

Choose from standard, strong, eco, and intelligent settings, each best suited for different types of clothing. Smart humidity sensor accurately determines when clothes are dry

Ensure proper ventilation using the provided exhaust pipe. A removable filter helps keep the exhaust pipe free and clear of fibers and buildup.

  • Drying Capacity: 9 lbs/2.65 cu. ft.
  • Voltage: 120V~ 60Hz
  • Rated Input: 1400 W
  • Product Weight: 48.4Ibs
  • Product Dimensions: 27.6"(H) X 23.6"(W) X 17.1"(D)
  • Drum Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cabinet Type: Zinc-Plated Board
  • Control Interface: Digital

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