Make apartment and dorm life easier - with a compact-sized countertop portable dishwasher!

There are many kitchen appliances designed to make cooking food easier. Among them, there’s one device that’s almost exclusively for after you cook and eat, and that’s a dishwasher. However, not every kitchen has room for a dishwasher. This is most notably in small apartments and dorm rooms. If you live by yourself or with another person, then we have the perfect solution. With the Deco Home Portable Countertop Dishwasher, you’ll be able to save time washing dishes when your meal is done. It has enough space to fit plates and utensils for two people's meals, so you enjoy a meal and easy cleanup afterwards. With different modes and uses, this portable dishwasher is very versatile for your everyday lifestyle. Once you see everything it can do for yourself, you’ll see it’s a great addition to your kitchen. 

This portable dishwasher is great for apartments, dorms, and other small rooms. It cleans a load of dishes and utensils in as little as 29 minutes, so you can spend less time washing dishes, and more time relaxing. You will obviously need water to run this portable dishwasher. You can either connect it directly to a water source or add up to 4.5 liters manually. With a combination of hot water and detergent, it’s able to clear and clean even the most stubborn foods. Select from five different modes: Intensive Wash, ECO Wash, Normal Wash, Rapid Wash, and Fruit Wash. Thanks to the versatility of this portable washer, it’s an excellent addition to any kitchen. 

When it comes to the best portable dishwasher at a great price, Deco Gear has what you need. Our dedicated and caring staff has the knowledge and expertise to help consumers through the often-confusing buying process. If you are unsure of which kitchen appliances to purchase, please try calling our customer service center, and they will be happy to help you decide on the right option for your needs and budget. If you have questions regarding our portable dishwashers or other kitchen appliances, contact us today, and see how our appreciation of shoppers can give you better deals and offers on some of the best appliances on the market. 

Save space, save yourself from excessive scrubbing, and most importantly, save time. The Deco Home Compact Dishwasher provides you with the benefits of a full-sized dishwasher, packed into a smaller unit ideally sized for smaller living spaces. All the features you expect and need and plenty of power to blast away food and grease.
With a front-facing door, easy rollout dishrack, water pump, drain filter, and 360-degree rotating spray arms, this small dishwasher has all of the amenities you would expect from its larger counterparts. Able to hold roughly 4 place settings worth of dishes and utensils, save yourself time in front of the kitchen sink and more time relaxing in the evening.

These portable dishwashers have 5 cleaning modes to choose from - a rapid fast wash mode that can clean dishes in as little as 29 minutes in addition to longer and more intense modes for dishes that need a deep cleaning. This dishwasher also thoroughly cleans fresh produce! More effective than rinsing and wiping dry, these portable dishwashers excel at cleaning off protective waxes found on produce with a special mode that delicately brings your apples, pears, and more to a picturesque, germ-free shine.

Capable of using hot water temperatures that help soak and break down food build-up, this compact dishwasher is ready to give your dishes a deep clean. The hot water can be from a water tap source or added manually, either will be heated by your mini dishwasher for optimum cleaning power. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, these portable dishwashers have a built-in heating element that helps to dry your dishes.

Everything you need is included in this package. Use the quick-connect inlet hose that connects to a kitchen tap to add water automatically or use the built-in 4.5L water reservoir and add water manually with the provided water pitcher. Regardless of which water source you choose, the provided drainage hose can be placed into your sink so dirty water can be drained without a second thought.

Product Highlights for Deco Home Countertop Dishwasher

Compact yet powerful and feature-packed dishwasher that’s perfect for apartments, dorms, and other small spaces

Put away the rubber dish gloves! Clean a day's worth of dishes in as little as 29 minutes using the rapid wash mode!

Choose from multiple programs to suit your cleaning needs based on time and intensity. There’s even a fruit-washing mode that makes fresh produce spotless!

Hot water washes combined with detergent remove the most stubborn food and hot air drying leaves it all ready to use

We supply everything you need to connect your mini dishwasher to a water source. Or add up to 4.5L of water manually

  • Product Dimensions: 17.72 x 17.32 x 18.03 in
  • Net Weight: 28.6 lb
  • Gross Weight: 33.1 lb
  • Rated water pressure: 0.03 - 1.0Mpa
  • Rated frequency: 60Hz
  • Rated power: 840W
  • Rated voltage: 120V~Water Proof Grade: IPX1
  • Water Tank: 4.5 liters
  • Drying Method: Hot air drying
  • Included components: Dish rack, water tank cover, utensil box, fruit basket, drainage pipe, clamp and suction pad for drainage pipe, water inlet pipe, measuring cup, and operation manual

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