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Best Gifts for Gamers

21 Dec 2023

Gaming has evolved over the years and so has the need for a game console that provides the best gaming experience. Gaming consoles have come a long way since the early models like Atari. Now you can get your favorite games on an Xbox, a Sony PlayStation or a Nintendo Switch. Many gamers are also PC gamers who play on a Microsoft Windows platform. What are some of the benefits of these new gaming consoles? For example the new Xbox series X comes with 120 hz refresh rate, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and other upgrades over previous generations of the Xbox (Xbox 360, Xbox One). The Playstation 5 which is a direct competitor to the Xbox Series X, offers many of the same features as the Xbox but is played on a different platform. The Playstation also comes with bluetooth for easy pairing and connectivity with gaming wireless controllers. Steam which is a gaming platform for PC also has a great lineup of video games. In addition, you can purchase what is called the Steam Deck. This is a portable player for your Steam account which looks like the OLED Nintendo Switch in a way. We have come quite far from the days of a the retro game boy for small handheld console gaming.

It is also interesting what some of the add-ons to these consoles can get you. For example Microsoft offers several multiplayer options such as xbox game pass ultimate. This includes online access for multiplayer gaming for games like Fortnite. It also includes the Xbox game pass which has 100+ new video games that you can play for free each month. Some of the new games that are included are the highly rated Starfield and Forza Motorsports. There are even some Marvel games included. These are great for Pro gamers and enthusiasts.

Besides for the OLED Nintendo Switch there is also the switch lite for ease of use, however you won’t be getting all the features of the OLED version. As Nintendo has been known over the decades for making great family games, like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda series or Mario Kart which is a fun multiplayer online game as well.

Best Gifts for Gamers

We also have seen mobile gaming progress quite a bit over the last several years. Developers are constantly pushing out great new games that can be purchased in the App Store on an Apple iPhone or the Google Play Store on an Android Device. Many of the games on these devices are on the same platform as say an Xbox, meaning you can use your Microsoft login and resume a game on your mobile device that you had been playing on your gaming console.

Getting an expandable SSD unit to increase the storage is also something to think about when getting one of these great gaming consoles. For example the Xbox series X comes with a built in 1TB drive, however with the size of games and apps this internal storage can fill up quickly. So a portable SSD compatible with your gaming console makes for a great add-on to gaming unit.

There are more great gift ideas that make wonderful stocking stuffers for your loved ones this Christmas. Rather than just getting a new gaming console or a PC as a holiday gift, there are lots of accessories and peripherals that are great gifts for console or PC gaming. Let’s explore some of the gaming gift ideas that will enhance a game room, and give you a gift guide that will help you this holiday season.


Well if you are a PC gamer or gaming on a console, you will want the best gaming monitors paired with your gaming device. This will allow you to utilize all the features of your gaming console or gaming PC.

We have searched out and found some recommendations for gaming monitors that will up your gaming experience exponentially.

The Deco Gear 32” Curved Gaming Monitor 1920 X 1080 With 3000:1 Contrast Ratio, 75 Hz Refresh Rate is a nice starting gaming monitor for your loved ones. Some of the great features of this monitor are:

  • Fantastic price point for a top notch gaming monitor well below that of competitors like Samsung.

  • Wide screen curved monitor allows for better viewing angles.

  • 32 inch monitor provides for a large immersive experience.

  • Fast refresh rate of 75 Hz which is larger than the common 60 hz which is used on streaming services for example. But for gaming when the refresh rate is higher, you will have lower lag, screen stuttering or blurry frames in fast action gaming.

  • Full HD aspect ratio 16:9 with 1920x1080 high resolution display on this curved panel. So each pixel is beautifully rendered.      

  • 3000:1 contrast ratio allows you see the deepest blacks and brightest whites, so your gaming and viewing experience will improve.

  • Featuring an R1200 curvature reducing eye strain for those long gaming sessions.

  • 6 Ms response time for low latency

  • Accurately displays 16.7 million colors and 99% of the RGB spectrum.

Another wonderful option for Gaming Monitors is the Deco Gear 35” Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor, 120 Hz, 1 Ms MPRT, 21:9, 3440x1440. This gaming monitor is absolutely awesome. It will improve your game play by quite a bit.

  • Extremely large and immersive 35” screen on this monitor so you don’t have to strain your eyes when viewing or gameplaying.

  • A blazing 120 HZ refresh rate. This is important as many of the new games support this refresh rate. It is double the refresh rate of streaming shows and movies.

  • Up to 1 MS response time for low lag

  • The 3440 x 1440 resolution is great for pairing with your gaming PC.

  • There are also some great additional features for this gaming monitor such as picture in picture, low blue light and multiple game modes that can be set for each individual user.

  • Comes with a R1200 curvature which as we discussed will help tremendously with reducing eye strain for those long gaming sessions.

  • Connectivity with a 2.0 HDMI cable is available. So just attach the cable to your gaming console and then the other side to the port on the monitor.

Gaming Peripherals

Gaming peripherals are also wonderful gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. So what are some great gaming accessories and merch that will help your gift recipient with their gaming experience?

  • A new gaming headset is a fantastic gift. There are advancements in technology with gaming headsets such as noise isolation or cancelling, clear voice chat for online gaming blocking out background noises. Steelseries and other manufacturers offer some really nice high-end headsets.

  • You can even look at a VR headset like the Meta Quest for immersive action.

  • Grab a great gaming mouse for your PC gamer. Like we find on some Logitech mouses, there are additional buttons which allow for more customization for the user. It also gives quick action buttons so you aren’t searching for a corresponding key on your gaming keyboard to perform an action in your game. If you chose to go with a wireless mouse rather than one which can be connected to your PC with a USB-C cable make sure that you can get good battery life out of it.

  • A gaming keyboard can also be used to better your gaming experience. Check out the Deco Gear Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard has some unique features that gamers will love.

    • There is customizable full color RGB backlighting for each individual key on the actual gaming keyboard. There are also 6 different lighting modes pre-installed so you can chose how you want the keys on the keyboard to show up.

    • The Deco Gear Mechanical Gaming Keyboard also has Outemu Blue switches that are plate mounted. These give off a tactile and feel so you really get a great and easy to use keyboard immersing you in the action.

    • Quick Access for settings to program and playback controls on the keyboard with FN combination keys.

    • There is Anti-Ghosting Support which helps with reducing eye strain

    • Virtually no lag or bottlenecking so when you depress a key the associated command to that key will move quickly and register as you want.

  • Gaming controllers are excellent gifts this Christmas. For example the Xbox Elite Series for the Xbox series X or S are ergonomic, comfortable to use and have other great features. In the Microsoft operating system for the Xbox, you can purchase one of these controllers and even get a dongle that can attach to your computers USB-C port for use on a PC. The Microsoft store which you can access directly from your Xbox offers a design lab where you can customize and make your own controller as well. This personalizes your gaming experience.

  • An efficient and good mousepad is also a good gift idea this holiday season. Try and get a non slip mousepad so your mousepad isn’t moving around deterring your gaming session. Many of the Deco Gear mousepads are also washable. So don’t fret if you spill some coffee or anything that may stain the mouse pad. Just throw it in your washing machine, and boom, out it comes looking like new.

  • Comfort is a crucial part of long gaming sessions. Having a stellar gaming chair will enhance the comfort of your seating position, and allow you to concentrate on your gaming without aches and discomfort. Deco Gear has what you need in the Deco Gear Endurance Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Adjustable Head, Lumbar Support.

    • An adjustable lumbar support cushion, comfortable armrests, a tall recliner backrest, and headrest which curve to your neck and spine.

  • If all else fails a Gift Card to say the Xbox store or the Playstation store which are online are a great fallback. This allows your gift recipient to chose something that they may want which you didn’t know about.

Game Away

Now that you have some gift ideas for this Christmas for the gamer in your circle of loved ones, you can rest easy that their stocking stuffer present will have them smiling and happy. Make this holiday season one to remember with a fantastic gaming gift for a wonderful and exciting Christmas. Watch your loved ones as they open a great gaming gift and run to go use it.

So, no matter what gaming platform your gamer is using, there is a gift out there for them.



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