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Counter Top Ice Maker Versus Built-In Freezer Ice Maker: The Pros of Buying the Countertop Version

13 Jul 2021

The heat is on in most of the country. Ice is at a premium in most households as everyone does their best to stay cool. While there are many ice making methods, and the last thing you want to do in triple digit temperatures is go to the convenience store to buy bags of ice to replenish when you run out. This is especially true if you’re still making ice with old school ice cube trays or a refrigerator with an ice dispenser. Are you simply looking for a way to avoid leaving the house in the heat of the summer? Maybe you have a large family that just goes through more ice than the built-in freezer ice maker on your refrigerator provides. Do you just entertain a lot and need to have extra ice on hand? Whatever the reason, you want to make the best buying decision when deciding on a countertop ice maker vs built-in freezer ice makers.

Counter Top Ice Maker Versus Built-In Freezer Ice Maker

Built-In Freezer Ice Makers

Having a built-in ice maker is a great option to have for a constant supply of ice. However, there are many things to consider if you’re looking to buy a refrigerator/freezer with a built-in freezer ice maker. One nice benefit is that you don’t need to add water or manage the device to get a batch of ice. Some of them will even allow you to choose the type of ice you want on an LCD screen. However, built-in freezer ice makers are only available in very large appliances, you may not have the room for such a large appliance. This is especially true if you live in a small apartment or condominium. A built-in freezer ice maker also requires the installation of a direct water line. Of course, a built-in freezer ice maker is stationary and isn’t portable no matter how much you try. If you’re entertaining in another room or outdoors, you’ll have to transport the ice from the kitchen to wherever you need the ice.

The Pros of Buying a Countertop Ice Maker 

Picture yourself having an outdoor Barbeque. Ice melts quickly if left alone in a bin, so that isn’t a feasible option. When all your guests are outside, the last thing you want to do is have to continuously run in and out of the house to get more ice cubes from the refrigerator in your kitchen. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to have quick access to ice without having to dive deep into your kitchen. By placing an countertop ice maker machine outside, or just inside the door to your home, you can get all the ice you need with minimal effort. As an added bonus, some of them even come with a self-cleaning function, unlike the built-in versions that need to be cleaned by hand.

Whether you’re deciding on the best way to have access to ice in your kitchen, or how to increase your ice capacity, look into purchasing a freestanding countertop ice maker. Deco Chef Countertop Portable Ice Makers for Home or Office will provide ice for a variety of situations that a built-in freezer ice maker can’t. A small countertop ice maker doesn’t take up much space. This makes a small countertop ice maker the perfect solution for regular use in a small apartment or dorm.

Counter Top Ice Maker Versus Built-In Freezer Ice Maker

No more mad-dashes out in the heat of the day, or the pouring rain to buy bags of bullet ice. The Deco Chef Countertop Portable Ice Maker produces up to 40 pounds of ice production in one day with an outstanding storage capacity, all you have to do is add water to the water reservoir! With an easy to read control panel, it’s capable of making ice every 15 to 20 minutes. With its sizable ice bucket, it can hold plenty of cold crunchy ice for when you need it. Plus, you can choose the thickness, resulting in small or large ice sizes, depending on your preference. A countertop ice maker is the perfect small appliance to add to any kitchen where the convenience of an adequate supply of ice is needed.

Counter Top Ice Maker Versus Built-In Freezer Ice Maker

Of course, portable countertop ice makers are, as the name implies, portable! Portable countertop ice makers like the Stainless Steel Compact Electric Ice Maker are made to be carried around, and provide you with options for ice cube size. Countertop ice machines aren’t limited to the kitchen counter. Use your countertop ice machine wherever you need good ice. Take your portable countertop ice maker on your boat, in your RV, and on location at receptions and parties. A countertop ice cube maker allows you to provide everyone with enough ice to keep their beverages cold all day wherever life takes you. With it's nice sized water tank, you’ll have a good amount of ice before you need to worry about refilling. For convenience, the best ice makers usually come with an ice scoop to get ice quick.

Counter Top Ice Maker Versus Built-In Freezer Ice Maker

Whether you need it as your main source for ice, or to supplement for parties, there’s a place in your life for a countertop nugget ice maker. While most people are familiar with brands like Frigidaire, Igloo, and Newair, DecoGear has a large selection of ice makers to cover a wide variety of needs. If you’re looking for additional kitchen appliances or commercial sized ice makers, we’ve got you covered. Deco Gear has all the information you need to make a decision on any ice machine or compact ice maker you desire.

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