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Gas vs. Electric Pizza Oven

04 Sep 2023

There is no denying how much people love pizza. From classic to deep dish and the many many unique kinds of pizza, there are virtually a type for every pizza or foodie lover. The proof is in the Sauce. Did you know that 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the US with roughly 350 slices being sold every second? It’s no wonder that 41% of Americans eat pizza every week. Believe it or not, pizza is such a big deal that it even gets it’s own recognition with October being National Pizza Month.

Gas vs. Electric Pizza Oven

Benefits of Owning a Pizza Oven

If you’re considering purchasing a pizza oven for your home, you’re not alone. There are tons of benefits from owning your very own pizza oven.

  • Pizza Anytime - Great Investment for Pizza lovers

  • Ability to make restaurant grade pizza

  • DIY Creative Pizzas - You can experiment with your favorite toppings and ingredients

  • Pizza Parties - Support your indoor/outdoor parties with pizza - great for BBQs and birthday parties

  • Fills the air with an amazing pizza aroma

  • Saves tons of money from going to pizzeria restaurants, takeout, and deliveries

  • Typically cooks, grills, and bakes many other types of foods besides pizza

With many new awesome pizza oven products available, many households have either bought one or built one. Building one brings a whole set of challenges so most people will opt to purchase one that is portable and can be stored. The only question you probably have is whether to purchase a gas pizza oven or an electric pizza oven.

The Difference Between Gas & Electric Pizza Ovens

The are a few major differences between gas and electric which is mainly in the heating element and how its powered. Although the cooking process is slightly different and the pizza results can vary between the two, it is settle and your selection should depend on your preference. Either type of oven will cook your pizza to perfection.

  • Gas fired pizza oven

    • Traditionally less expensive than electric

    • Built with less components which means less can go wrong and is easier to maintain

    • Long lasting efficiency

    • Requires propane gas, natural gas, charcoal, and/or wood for the heating element

    • Reaches extremely high temperatures for rapid cooking times

    • Options for infused flavors through traditional wood burning cooking methods

    • Evenly distributes heat within the cooking chamber similar to convection

    • Very Portable & energy efficient

    • More comparable to commercial pizza oven results & texture

  • Electric Pizza Oven

    • Costs less to run than gas ovens but is more expensive to buy

    • Uses radiant heat from an electric coiled heating element

    • Also Reaches higher temperatures for rapid cooking times but some electric pizza ovens can take slightly longer to preheat than pizza ovens with a gas fuel source

    • Some areas mandate electric such as parks, cruises, and even in some cities

    • Plugs into any standard outlet with no need for gas lines and valves

    • Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient, Less to Prepare, & Ease of Use

    • Electric is more accurate than gas which means it is easy to get consistent results

    • More comparable to designer pizzas from conveyer belt style electric pizza ovens

Best Home Pizza Ovens

Now that you know a little bit about pizza ovens, let’s have a look at some of the best options for your home.

Deco Chef 2-In-1 Propane Gas Pizza Oven & Grill

This portable propane fueled pizza oven is a fan favorite. With combined functionality of an indoor oven with stovetop, cooking pizza and variety of dishes that include meats, poultry, and veggies can be cooked to perfection. Simple to operate, this indoor/ outdoor pizza oven reaches and maintains cooking temperatures up to 932 degrees without the need for wood or other similar fuel sources. The grill runs off a propane tank, and comes with everything you need to start cooking right away including a gas hose, regulator, and inlet port. This oven also includes a great pizza stone, peel, and rack which makes cooking pizza even easier. It has a wide cooking surface, allowing up to an 11.8 inch pizza. When you’re not using the grill, its small portable size can be safely stored before your next use. This type of pizza oven is perfect for pizza lovers desiring an authentic crispy finish on the pizza dough crust.

  • Dial Operated - Enjoy the benefits of open-flame grilling and baking without the need to stoke fires.

  • 12” Pizza Stone + High Temperature Oven & Grill - Cooks your food in minutes

  • Portable - Built with durable stainless steel, this oven can be taken with you and set up in your backyard, indoor kitchen countertop, at a tailgate party, at campsite, and virtually anywhere else you choose, especially since it does not require an electrical outlet

  • Includes pizza stone and grid, pizza peel, grill rack, drip tray, and temperature gauge which is everything you need to get started cooking right away

Gas vs. Electric Pizza Oven

Deco Chef 13-Inch 1800W Electric Pizza Oven With 2-In-1 Pizza Stone And Grill

Featuring mega wattage and awesome heating power, the Deco Chef 13” 1800W electric oven offers an impressive temperature range of up to 750 degrees. That means you can cook, bake, or grill your food in minutes. With 1800 watts of power, this pizza oven guarantees rapid and even heating, ensuring your meals are cooked to perfection. The double wall housing with an insulation layer optimizes heat retention, while the top and bottom stainless steel heating elements provide dual heating for consistent results. Cooking is simplified with its double sided 13” Pizza Stone, one side is for cooking pizza while its reverse side features a slotted barbecue grill, which offers versatility for various cooking styles, making it perfect for not just pizzas but foods like chicken, steaks, fish, lamb chops, sausages, and more. This oven also includes a recipe book to help inspire your culinary pizza baking skills and reward your tastebuds. You don’t have to bother with propane, gas, hoses, or valves, so this electric pizza oven is ideal for people who prefer quicker setups and cleaner energy.

  • 1800W of power cooks pizza and BBQs in just minutes

  • Dual stainless steel heating elements reach up to 750F

  • Double wall stainless steel housing easily retains heat

  • Includes Pizza Cutter, Pizza Peel, 2-in-1 Pizza Stone, Brush and Pie Servers

Deco Chef Outdoor Gas Pizza Oven, Portable Design & Self-Rotating Baking Stone

Even with its slightly smaller compact size, this outdoor pizza oven still features a 13” baking stone and is perfect for beginners or seasoned pizza chefs. With temperatures that can reach up to 1000 degrees, you can fully cook a pie of pizza in as little as 90 seconds. This oven uses your standard propane tank and includes everything you need to quickly set it up and start cooking. Safety features like the external control lever spins or rotates the 13” baking stone will keep you from accidentally getting to close to the blisteringly hot temperatures. Its portable design, foldable legs, and travel bag make this oven very easy to setup anywhere, whether it be in your backyard or on a trip. This pizza oven is the best for people who prefer a compact size or plan to use in multiple locations, like when tailgating for example.

  • Ultra hot and even temperatures cooks food perfectly and in seconds

  • Rotate pizza without the peel - The outer rotation lever spins your pizza on the built-in rotating pizza stone and cook all sides evenly, keeping your hands away from the fire

  • Collapsible Design - Compact and with foldable legs, this oven lets you easily travel with and store when not in use

  • Accessories include a new pizza peel, pie server, pizza cutter, and oil brush to aid in baking perfection

Check out our selection of gas and electric powered pizza ovens for even more options including a wood fired pizza oven. With one of these amazing ovens, you can make all of your favorite pizzas like your classic New York, Chicago deep dish, Neapolitan pizzas, and so much more.

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