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Ultra Wide Monitor vs. Dual Monitor

14 Nov 2023

Imagine that you are an avid gamer or professional office work, and you are looking for the best full screen gaming and workspace experience; you have a great PC with Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11, time to match it with the perfect best Ultra Wide Monitor or a dual monitor set up with a top notch image quality. An ergonomic curved monitor used for work is so important for your comfort and workflow, therefore the best ultra wide screens are curved for these purposes. The Deco Gear Curved Ultrawide Monitors provide amazing capabilities such as video editing software and specs found on other manufacturers monitors (such as Dell, Acer or Samsung).

Getting the best monitor is crucial to ensuring that your viewing experience. It may be a dual monitor set up or a curved ultrawide monitor. When purchasing either a dual monitor set up or a ultrawide monitor, you want to keep a close eye on the specs of your set up. An OLED 4k monitor with HDR resolution such as HDR 10 or HDR 10+ and even Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos capability are some of the high-end specs you will find. This will allow for extreme viewing of high pixel density, even on such a large screen as an ultrawide monitor will provide.

In addition, whether you go with a single ultrawide monitor, or dual screen monitors side by side set up, you will find that these have great compatibility with many display ports such as HDMI 2.0, USBC, Thunderbolt (as found on a MAC) and/or display port 1.4. Therefore we believe when discussing ultrawide vs. dual monitors, you are going to get the best display for your PC with an ultrawide monitor over a having a second monitor.

Ultra Wide Monitor Vs Dual Monitor

Why an Ultrawide Monitor over a Dual Monitor Setup

Curved ultrawide monitors or curved gaming monitors offer so many pros compared to a dual monitor flat panel display. Great for multitasking, an ultrawide monitor would be the perfect accoutrement to your PC. The functionality of the immense screen space found on ultrawide monitors, going bezel to bezel, you can expect an amazing aspect ratio, built in apps and a great refresh rate. A monitor like this will enhance your home office and if you’ve got gamers in your household than an Ultrawide Gaming Monitor is the way to go.

While many of these features can be found on a dual screen multi-monitor setup, even a single screen, widescreen monitors should provide additional features and comfort for the user. The benefits of an ultra wide monitor over a dual-screen setup of flat monitors which we have discussed and will delve deeper into, should cement your choice.

With dual monitors you get a bit more flexibility that you would on a single ultra wide screen. you can set up the second screen in a portrait orientation. This is great when using one monitor for work documents and a second monitor for streaming apps, or if you are on a zoom conference call so you have a second screen to use for that while keeping you workspace fluid.

Obviously there are several benefits to going with a dual monitor set up vs. a ultra wide monitor. One being screen space. Even though an ultra wide monitor at a small screen size may provide close to the amount of screen space having a second screen does help in certain regards.

With a dual flat monitor setup you can use Windows Snap, which is a feature built into Windows allowing the user to resize and move windows for better multitasking. Because of the larger aspect ratio usually found on a curved ultrawide monitor (around 21:9) using Windows Snap on an ultrawide leaves you with wide, short windows and possible black bars on your screen. So the user will have to resize the image to the standard 16:9 aspect ratio with less ease of use. A dual-monitor setup also provides more locations to place windows, in addition to better resolution and pixel density over one ultrawide monitor.

Well we touched on several of the benefits of Curved Ultrawide Monitors. Let’s highlight a few of these and decide why a curved ultrawide monitor is best for you.

  • Ultra wide screens with amazing screen space due to their larger screen size for a more immersive experience allowing the curved monitor to wrap its viewing angles around the user.

  • Some of the best gaming monitors and work monitors available. Most work well for both.

Great color accuracy and reduced eye strain thanks to the viewing angle going all the way to the side of the screen.

  • Slimmer to hardly visible bezels

  • High-end specs geared for the avid gamer or for your professional work space.

  • These can typically can be wall mounted using a VESA wall amount (purchased separately) but would come with a stand that can swivel or maybe fixed.

  • With super fast refresh rates for low lag, and speedy response time, significantly reduces blurriness and allows you to keep up with the most intensive gaming. While apps (if your model is so equipped) for streaming are usually limited to 60Hz because that is highest refresh rate for streaming is currently at 60 Hz, gaming on a QHD, Qd-Oled or 4K monitor can come in at 144Hz refresh rates or in that range.

  • Contrast ratios coming in at 3000:1 and even higher at times

  • Ultrawide monitors can offer FHD, and 4K monitors with some of the best aspect ratios available

  • Usually found with high-end GPU’s, the graphics card built into the monitor will show each pixel clearly, vibrantly and with extreme sharpness.

  • HDR display such as HDR10, HDR 10+ or displayhdr 400 are common on ultrawide monitors.

  • Fantastic curvature of the screen, allowing for long comfortable gameplay or many hours working on your computer making it so ergonomic for the user.

  • Ultrawide monitors offer much better multitasking than working or gaming on multiple displays.

  • Connectivity ports such as HDMI, USB type 2.0 and/or 3.0 or higher and a USB-C port are commonplace on a Curved Ultrawide Monitor, (these will depend on your monitor, please consult your user manual or the list of fantastic Curved Ultrawide Monitors and what they support)

  • Peak brightness at fantastic nits

These are just several of the benefits as many more are available on a curved ultrawide monitor.

Best Ultra Wide Monitors

We have previously discussed some of the tremendous specs and benefits of a Curved Ultrawide Monitor, so why does a Curved ultrawide monitor take the cake over a dual monitor setup? Well to begin with because of their sheer size, multitasking has never been easier, by having all your information within your field of view.

Even when utilizing one Curved Ultrawide Monitor, you can expect greatly improved viewing angles over having to constantly swivel your viewing point to look at two different monitors. How about being able to utilize one display port on your computer instead of several or being forced to get a docking station to support the two different monitors and their connectivity.

Being able to have that type of large display allows the user to have multiple open windows or tabs without sacrificing the immersive experience of multiple monitors. For example we were using a curved ultrawide monitor to work on a zoom call to our office and easily split the screen with the participants while having multiple tabs open on the screen looking at the work being spoken about in the zoom call.

What about for gamers and the best gaming experience? Let’s take a scenario where you are playing a game which you may want to be doing multiple things at the same time. You will want the immersion and comfort for a long gaming session provided by the curvature of a curved Ultra Wide Monitor. As an avid gamer looking for the best gaming experience for example, refresh rate, screen size, frame rates, resolution and edge to edge viewing are a necessity.

Here are some curved ultrawide monitors that should fit all of your needs:

  1. One of our favorite choices when picking a curved ultrawide monitor is the Deco Gear 39" Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor, 2560x1440, 1ms MPRT, 165 Hz, 16:9, HDR400, 4000:1

    1. With specs such as a wide immersive 39 inch screen, featuring a 3000R curvature for comfort and ease of use. Able to display 16.7 million colors, with a 99% sRGB color accuracy, and 4000:1 contrast ratio, and a blazing 144 Hz refresh rate, the visuals of this monitor are unparalleled.

    2. It also has multiple connection ports, including HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.4 allowing you to connect with different computers and gaming consoles. Once you see everything this monitor is capable of, adding it to your home office or workspace is a no-brainer.

  2. Another great choice for a Curved Ultrawide Monitor is the Deco Gear 35" Curved Ultrawide LED Gaming Monitor 21:9, 2560x1080, 75 HZ.

    1. On this fantastic Ultrawide Monitor coming in with it’s 35 inch large screen real estate you will find a sharp and clear 2560 x 1080 resolution, and higher 21:9 ratio than found on a single screen or dual monitor setup. This makes the monitor capable of showing even the most intense action games with sharp and clear images, immersive video content, and more.

      1. Displaying 16.7 million colors, a blazing fast 4 ms response time for reduced lag (especially helpful for gamers), and a high 75 Hz refresh rate, with FreeSync (Adaptive Sync) Support.

      2. Curvature of 1800R will help reduce glare, motion blur (especially on fast action gaming) and eye strain while supporting wide viewing angles.

      3. There are plenty of ports for available for display connetion to your PC or MAC, including an HDMI port, DisplayPort, and DVI inputs.

      4. Gamer specific software functions on this monitor, including a blue light filter for reduced eye strain helps the gamer use this monitor for long periods of time, with comfort and ease.

Winner: Curved Ultrawide Monitors

Best for gamers coupled with a PC, you can still attach a gaming console to the monitor for great results. You won’t have a bezel running down the middle of your gaming experience as you would with a dual monitor setup. The simplicity of a Ultrawide monitor vs. a dual monitor setup is great, you won’t have to deal with multiple cables running from two different screens. While there are benefits to a dual monitor setup as we previously mentioned, the qualities and ease of use make an ultrawide monitor the way to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your workspace or gaming, the immersion and comfort provided by an ultrawide monitor cannot be matched by a dual monitor setup.

If you want top notch viewing angles on an ultrawide display, then a curved ultrawide 4k monitor with HDR resolution, compatibility with so many display ports, an immersive field of view and curvature for ease of use for reduced eye strain is for you.

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