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Air Fryer Color Guide

29 Aug 2022
Red Air Fryer

Growing up my kitchen was yellow and green. I know my parents were not the only ones who chose those colors for their kitchen. They later transitioned to a black and white kitchen, but I will never forget the memories of a different time that perhaps wasn’t so stylish.

Thankfully, now we live with a much more neutral cohesive style that reflect who we are and brings character to any room. Especially in our kitchens. Food needs to be made with love and you need a kitchen that you are passionate to be in so you can bestow that love into any food you make. Plus, we eat in our kitchens too, so a nice décor with a yummy vibe will only enhance that experience.

Since neutral colors is the fashionable color story of today, choosing a color scheme for your kitchen should be rather easy. Your appliances, décor and furniture will complete the look dressing up your kitchen over the neutral-colored room. Imagine the kitchen is your outfit and the appliances, décor and furniture are your shoes, bag, and accessories. You dress up your kitchen the same way you would dress up yourself.

Many kitchens are still using a black and white color combination which is still a great choice for kitchens, especially when you begin to think about the beautiful types of dark marble counters you can use. Although black is a more severe color and has its own set of rules, the process remains the same. Accessorize your kitchen with colors that complement the room, with balance and cohesiveness that expresses you and makes you happy.

Typically, you will only find major appliance colors available in black, white, and stainless steel which reflects that most homes kitchens are either neutral or black. The beautiful thing about this is you can turn any neutral color into anything. For example, if you were going for a retro kitchen look, it may be difficult for you to find that retro green or red refrigerator, but you can easily accessorize your neutral kitchen with colorful décor and countertop appliances which are available in an assortment of colors. Let’s talk about some different color options of one of the most popular countertop appliances, the air fryer, and use it as an example of how specific colors will fit with your kitchen’s style.

Red Air Fryers

When you think of love colors, the first one that may come to mind is red. That’s because red is a beautiful color that symbolizes love. Yes, red also adds a huge pop of color to almost any arrangement but does not have to be such an exaggerated and dominant color. Red can also be warm, welcoming, and surely what you would want if you were going for that splash of color or a more retro look.

Red is an earthly color and goes well in any setting, from neutral to black. In neutral settings, a pop of red may tie the room together by complimenting the décor on your wall or that vase of roses on your kitchen table. Think about what I said about accessorizing your kitchen like your outfits. Your shoes, bags, and jewelry match and tie into your outfit for a complete look.

Monochromatic color stories are boring, and you would not want an entire kitchen black and white with no color. A red colored air fryer may be the perfect thing to break up that monotonal look and give your kitchen some life. It also happens to be one of my favorite colors and matches everything.

Blue Air Fryers

A blue air fryer is fun and a much softer color than red. Blue is perfect for accenting neutral and vibrant colors alike and a fantastic choice for both playful and relaxed kitchen color stories. If your kitchen is eccentric with lots of vivid colors, a blue air fryer will fit right in as it won’t dominate the other colors of your kitchen and won’t blend into an abyss of colors either.

Other colors like yellow and non-colors like stainless steel will flow really well with blue. If you love spring and colorful flowers, or a big fan and usually have lemons on your kitchen counter like me, blue is a great accent color. Blue also matches great if you have a lot of houseplants or greenery in your kitchen windowsill or counters. For a kitchen with all stainless-steel appliances, go for a blue air fryer to add some life to your kitchen’s accessories.

Air Fryer Color Guide

Navy and black can make a serious evening attire look slick in today’s fashion, but blue and black do not. And for kitchens with a lot of black, you should probably stay away from the blue as it may clash and disorient your kitchens color story.

Black Air Fryers

Timeless, elegant, perfect. These are words that describe the color black. It’s easy to choose a black air fryer because it goes great with every kitchen color. You may have a black oven, refrigerator, or other countertop appliances and want them all to match. Or you just don’t want your kitchen to look

cluttered with different colors on your countertop. A simple pop of color may compliment a room but can also lead the eyes to that color’s direction. You may desire a simpler toned kitchen leaving any extra colors to be added from the décor. Black is perfect for this.

Black is a severe color though, so if you’re kitchen’s scheme is more playful, you should probably consider an air fryer color to add more playfulness or a stainless-steel air fryer to tone down the other colors in the room. Black also requires a bit more maintenance as it’s a color that is easy to get dirty and show smudges and scratches. Black is an easy and good choice but has a couple drawbacks.

Stainless Steel Air Fryers

Stainless steel appliances are by far the most common and popular color choice. It is the perfect color for 9 out of 10 kitchens. Stainless steel offers a classy finish that is timeless and easy to keep clean. If you want a color that will last forever, in any kitchen of any style. Stainless steel is the way to go.

For black and white kitchens, stainless steel is a great neutral color that ties in both ends of the color spectrum, breaking the monochromatic colors while also offering sophistication to your kitchen. Kitchens that are serious about the food will predominantly use stainless steel because its easy to clean, which may be a nice benefit for you. The only time you would want to avoid stainless steel is if you have retro colors everywhere and the steel color will cause other earthly based colors like red, green and yellow to visually bleed into one another.

Some counter appliances are left on the counter as they’re used so frequently. A stainless steel toaster oven with a built in air fryer is a counter appliance that most homes would use daily as it’s a combo cooking machine that can toast your bread in the morning and make you a rotisserie chicken for dinner. This would be an ideal choice for just about everyone and since you leave it out, it can be matched with your other major appliances like your refrigerator and oven.

Air Fryer Color Guide
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